An Introduction


So everything in the quote isn’t exactly true for me, but I wish most of it was. I wouldn’t call myself particularly strong and I wouldn’t say that I immediately get right back up if I’ve been knocked down in life. Those are qualities to strive for. I would call myself complex and hardly simple, often prone to periods of craziness when I don’t even understand my own thinking or reasoning (or lack thereof). I wish I could call myself unstoppable, but I’m hardly that. There have been things in life that have stopped me from pursuing ventures and aspirations, mainly fear and anxiety of failure and the “what ifs”. Though not a totally timid person, I certainly lack the confidence to go through life with a constant smile on my face because I have everything figured out. Perhaps all of this is totally normal and way more common for others than I perceive it to be. The bottom line is that I’m learning to accept and live with who I am, regardless of what others think or have to say. I love the included quote because it inspires me to better myself while not being afraid of breaking the mold.


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